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Best practices of App Store Optimization for your needs

App Search Optimization

We provide high quality services of App Store Optimization. It’s include:

  1. ASO: Application Search Optimization Process
  2. Audit of the application and functionalities
  3. Study of the App Store positioning & Google Play
Application Search Optimization Services or ASO Services With
SQ Expertise

Referencing top search results on download platforms requires various optimizations. Thus, the name and description of the application directly impact its positioning. Several other factors also come into play, such as the number of downloads, the rating and the number of comments, or the level of commitment of the application.

In addition to the semantic enrichment inherent to natural referencing, the ASO involves usage considerations in order to obtain the best user feedback. Furthermore, knowledge of the various platforms, such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), is essential to identify the criteria to be optimized in priority on each of them.

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That’s so many opportunities to gain web visibility. Moreover, the App Store Optimization – ASO must not ignore the website which makes it possible to reinforce the semantic relevance of the application by being linked to it via Universal linking and Deep linking, which allow the automatic opening of the application. application from mobile search engine results.

The use of positioning tracking tools, competition analysis and technical, structural & semantic analysis allows our App Store Optimization Experts or ASO experts to draw up an exhaustive list of ASO recommendations for improved ranking and usage.

The implementation support, the reckoning of the optimizations, the monitoring of the acquisitions and the continuous optimization make it possible to ensure a good positioning of the application, which is why the App Store Optimization – ASO must be integrated into the marketing strategies of the brands for which applications represent a strong business challenge.