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E-Commerce Store Development

We provide high quality services of E-Commerce store. It’s include:

  1. Start a trial
  2. Launch your store
  3. Grow your business
Turn your products into cash by selling them on your personal online store.

Before we started building websites for other people, the management behind DG Sol Agency worked at the largest superhero eCommerce shop in the world. SuperHeroStuff was a beast of a website, and at its peak, we had 35 employees and over 15,000 square feet of warehouse space. We built it from the ground up and performed just about everything in-house. When the opportunity presented itself, we sold it to another eCommerce company. But don’t worry, that’s a good thing – we’re now free to bring our eCommerce expertise to you.

No matter how big or small your operation is, we want to help you grow. We grew SuperHeroStuff from four people in a warehouse basement to a niche-culture juggernaut, so we remember exactly what it was like to work with extremely limited resources in a demanding, challenging marketplace. We don’t have any scary agency minimums, and no shop is too small or large for us to consider. If you have a pesky problem that needs fixing, or an inspiring idea that needs expressing, please send us an email — we’ll put our hard-earned experience, creative thinking, and collaborative, client-focused strategies to work for you.

Our eCommerce Websites Will Help You Grow Online

An eCommerce site is the foundation of your online retail business. It needs robust functionality, a flawless user experience, sensible category navigation, informative, appealing product pages, and a seamless means to place orders and complete transactions. DG Sol Agency understands the importance of these features (and many, many more), as well as the technology necessary to make these features an effective means to maximize profitability.

We also understand a simple, oft-times forgotten premise: each business is unique, and therefore, in need of a unique solution. DG Sol Agency creates custom eCommerce websites tailored to businesses and their specific products and services. And our sites maintain the character, branding, and mission statement that makes a business both authoritative and distinctive.

We’ll match your goals with our solutions and grant you an online store that boasts the following benefits:

It Looks Great (and, more importantly) Sells Great on All Devices

Your eCommerce website will be completely responsive, meaning it will “respond” to the device it’s presented on (e.g., a desktop, tablet, or any conceivable mobile device). And by “respond,” I mean adjusting itself to the proper size in order to be viewed and utilized on any hand-held mobile device. Your eCommerce site will be easy to read, easy to navigate, and feature the same purchasing functionality across smartphones, tablets, desktops, and that thing your kid brother uses to watch his favorite (and always screaming) Minecraft YouTuber.

Features, Features, and Yes, Even More Features

Have complicated products available in multiple sizes, colors, and textures? Have equally complicated categories in need of several filters or uncomplicated navigation? We have the smarts and tech-based talent to create sophisticated options and alleviate any perceivable woes to online shoppers. We’ll make it easy, and we’ll make it smart.

Faster Than a Speeding” …you know the rest

You’ll have a website that loads fast, allowing customers to quickly view pages, products, and make purchases in the time it takes a certain super-person to fly around the Earth (and perhaps reverse time, but only if the calamity in question demands it).

A User-Friendliness That Grants You Control of Content and Scale

With an easy-to-use CMS (content management system), you’ll be able to add images, products, text, pages, articles, blog posts, and banners. Will you need an expensive degree in coding (specifically, HTML) to edit, manage, and build out content? How about a helpful and erratically beeping R2 unit who can plug into your laptop while co-piloting an X-Wing? Nope. Our eCommerce sites feature a user-friendly interface, making it easy to properly enact changes and expand the scale of your online store (without all the beeping, booping, whistling, and whining).

It’s an eCommerce Marketing Powerhouse

You’ll have access to powerful digital marketing features, like search engine optimization tools, and the ability to run various sales and promotions. Create a sale! Create a landing page for said sale! Create a newsletter leading people to said landing page because they love a said sale!

A Few eCommerce Website Examples

Check out a few examples of our eCommerce websites. Each website is set up to sell thousands of products, take payments, manage orders, and facilitate shipping.

What Is eCommerce?
eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. It’s a term that describes the act of shopping for, and then paying for, products and services online. An eCommerce website allows customers to choose on item, add it to their “cart,” and then securely enter payment information. Since credit card processing became viable over the internet, you’ll find any conceivable product for sale on the web. Need a t-shirt? A pair of shoes? How about the latest issue of Iron Man, or that Star Wars LEGO set you’ve been eyeing since last September? Pull up the website, select the item(s), choose your preferred method of shipping, enter your credit card or PayPal information, and then spend the following two to ten business days camping out next to the mailbox.

What Is an eCommerce Website?

An eCommerce website presents a virtual storefront allowing one to purchase products and services online – it’s a website that facilitates the eCommerce process.
Any website that comes with eCommerce functionality is an eCommerce website.
Want that dream website? Hit the button below or give us a call. We’ll make your nighttime vision a powerful, real-world foundation of your online presence.

What Can You Sell on an eCommerce Website?

In this day and age, and with the advent of secure payment methods and in-depth product presentation, you can sell anything (well, almost anything) on an eCommerce website. Here are a few eCommerce businesses models that facilitate the purchasing of several different products and services:

Retail: It sells products and services directly to customers without a pesky middle-person. Do you make pinecone-themed purses? Do you sell bales of scented hay? Upload pictures, purchasing options and prices, and then let the deluge of orders begin.

Digital Items: With the ease of transferring and accessing digital information, physical items aren’t the only products purchased on eCommerce websites. Digital items like movies, music, books, comics, video files, streaming subscriptions, and all manner of software are easily purchased and transferred directly to consumers. We live in a society of immediacy, and the quick exchange of credit for digital content is a major factor in meeting continuous consumer demand.

Subscriptions: You can purchase automated, recurring services that send you information or products regularly, or allow access to a vast library of consumable data (I’m looking at you, Netflix). As soon as you cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer have access to – or be charged for – said services.

Dropshipping: Products are purchased online, but shipped directly to customers from a third party (usually the manufacturer) who manages inventory, order fulfillment, and other logistical needs.