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We provide high quality services of WordPress. It is;

  1. Ergonomic and intuitive
  2. A very important community
  3. Possibility of creating tailor-made sites
  4. SEO and Google friendly
Ergonomic and intuitive

Very fast and easy to install the use of WordPress thus reduces the costs of installation of a website. In addition, WordPress is known to be very ergonomic and intuitive via including the use of the WYSIWYG back office. WordPress allows neophytes to quickly apprehend the solution and can quickly add and/or modify pages and content

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A very important community

30% of the world’s sites use WordPress today!

In other words, it is impossible not to find information and documentation on this technology! Thanks to this notoriety and community, WordPress has very regular updates and effective support. So, WordPress responds very quickly to possible security issues and hacking.

Possibility of creating tailor-made sites

Contrary to what one might think WordPress is not just a content and blog manager! Thanks to its scalability and flexible plugins, WordPress can adapt to your needs and allow the creation of more complex sites. For example, it is easy to add a WordPress site an interactive map, a reservation system a social-wall, or the establishment of an intranet! WordPress adapts to your needs and expectations.

In addition, coupled with ACF, WordPress offers great flexibility to create any type of personalized content

SEO and Google friendly

Finally, one of the last benefits of WordPress is that it is 100% SEO-friendly and compatible with Google. WordPress has also been developed to be easily indexable on search engines. In addition, many plugins (like Yoast SEO) have emerged to allow WordPress to be Google-Friendly. Thanks to these modules, it is for example, easily possible to update meta descriptions, H1 H2 ..H6 Headings, or URL pages.

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DG Sol Agency is WordPress Expert
Looking for a specialist agency under the WordPress CMS? So, we are here for you 🙂

For 12 years, we have made many sites on WordPress CMS. We have also developed specific modules and plugins to offer you very personalized services and bring you the maximum of solutions!

Want to know more about WordPress, to have a quote, or just to introduce your project? So, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂
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